This evening we took the kids out for a meal and then to the game shop. The man who works there accused us of standing next to a machine and hitting it,first my fiance then my son. The more we said we didn't the mor... read more

#2,845 rating: 1/5

We went there Thursday morning after 10min no one came to our table for our order people that came in after us got helped we stood up and walked out and still no one asked us what is wrong this is very poor service and m... read more

#2,817 rating: 1/5

Visited Wimpy Pretoria North on 28 December 2016 at about 10:30. It wasn't busy and we ordered 3 strawberry milkshakes. We waited 30 minutes, I then asked our waiter how long the drinks would be. He then informed... read more

#2,814 rating: 2/5

Unfortunately like all beautiful places in South Africa the gardens are used as a toilet for dogs by dog owners. There is nothing quite as upsetting as the selfishness of dog owners who seem hellbent on destroying every ... read more

#2,809 rating: 2/5

Most relaxing treatments. My husband and I visit spa's on our international trips. Aronia Day Spa in johannesburg gauteng is amongst the best in the world. Enjoy first class facilities. Our massages therapists were... read more

#2,771 rating: 5/5

Best place in South Africa if not africa.Big ups Limpopo.Reinstating the beauty of Vhembe What a best idea to promote our lovely Eden , Limpopo (not about making money but reclaiming Vendas glory)

Louis Trichardt #2,767 rating: 5/5

So we get here at 18:10 and the superviser says they can wash or car. Apparently the car wash closes at 18:00 buy there are no signs up stating this. Needless to say the workers give us and and the supervisor flack and d... read more

#2,747 rating: 1/5

Visited place on Sunday, 18!December 2016. Arrived at 17:45. Ordered meal ( sushi platter & john's platter) at 18:00). Sushi arrived at 19:15). Waiter & manager forgot about my wife's john's platte... read more

#2,732 rating: 1/5

Managers andv owners treat the staff ver bad infront of others and even the customers is talking about is......not to be funny but if people start talking on how staff is treated pick n pay korp must open there eyes and.... read more

#2,679 rating: 1/5

This place has very bad service. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Agent puts down in my ear when enquiring and cancels appointments last minute and then reschedules to never return.

#2,677 rating: 1/5