This year I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with the owner of Energy Hip Hop classes and what a mess. Late communications. Short notice practice arrangements and overall bad feedback. If you have time to waste I can... read more

#3,617 rating: 1/5

Johann really created a great experience with beautiful images on our wedding. We found Johann at the wedding expo and booked him for our wedding in April.

#3,605 rating: 5/5

This side is useless it doesn't give the visitor information and the are no telephone numbers on where we can reach you if we have questions. it has links that are useless because they take you to other side no rel... read more

#3,600 rating: 1/5

The skellums gave my wife a video game token instead of a R5 coin after buying some expensive honey. I would recommend using the shop directly across the road and don't support the ass wipes. Wish I'd realised ... read more

#3,595 rating: 1/5

It seems like Jacob has aborning Thula because of his health issue and we would like to bring your attention to some pending issues that have not been resolved since we purchased on Thula that resulted in misleading purc... read more

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-32,81667 27.45 -32,81.36374 27,4205459 -32,8130911 27,4479206 -32,7248497 27,4864673.4962 H.L.F.M. Rijnart

#3,591 rating: 3/5

Goodmorning! I would like to know whether the results are back or they still in process? When do the college do registrations for N5 class? I would appriciate your feedback, the soon you get it. Thank you

#3,580 rating: 5/5

Visit OB Lichtenburg quite regularly and enjoy it each time. With excellent food, great friendly service and cozy atmosphere, there is no better place to go out in Lichtenburg. Love the recently upgraded parking and kids... read more

#3,567 rating: 5/5

mall does not have enough entertainment to atrract people to it.children get bored parents dont have much shops to shop at

#3,558 rating: 2/5

Am sfiso phahlamohlaka mostly known as Rooi came from eastrand johannesburg (Gauteng) south africa I was born in 1997 March 03 Raised by my mom & sister (Monica phahlamohlaka)(Thandazo phahlamohlaka) in twatwa davey... read more

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