Am sfiso phahlamohlaka mostly known as Rooi came from eastrand johannesburg (Gauteng) south africa I was born in 1997 March 03 Raised by my mom & sister (Monica phahlamohlaka)(Thandazo phahlamohlaka) in twatwa davey... read more

#3,537 rating: 5/5

Unfortunately most of the teachers at this school should not teach anymore or should never have been teachers in the first place. The principal has lost his inspiration and this sets the tone of the school.

#3,523 rating: 1/5

is the place opened during winter season because other areas with pools are closed in winter season then I thought to ask you are guys if you are available in 1 July 2017

#3,520 rating: 5/5

I ordered 8 zinger wings after driving all the home to Umtentweni I discovered only 6 zinger wings. My change should have been R10.10 He only gave R10. I was amazed at how nice the guy was being, and only discovered w... read more

#3,500 rating: 2/5

Bad service... All the time I need twister, lunch box, burgers, wicked zinger box meal the are not thee around 12hoo midday. Cashiers don't communicate well with customers.. Bad service I can say. I'm not happy... read more

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Thanks Little Rascals, for a great journey! Your contribution to my baby's development has been immeasurable! May you go from strength to strength!!!

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I was at PennypinchersKempton about 2 weeks ago to get boards cut for cupboards, and Indian gentleman named Shawn( don't know if this is the correct spelling) helped me and promised to get back to me with my invoice... read more

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Plattekloof duck pond in soon to be graded down to make way for low cost housing to accommodate the Domestic workers that are working in the area. Today 11 May it was confirmed by a resident despite objections by all re... read more

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bought a 2nd hand Kia Sportage that was sold to me with a flat battery and then wern't interested in trying to solve the problem for me and so i had to change the battery myself and now the radio/cd player does not... read more

#3,330 rating: 1/5

Absolute APPALLING service from PostNet Elridge !!! We sent a package on Thursday and requested overnight delivery. We we ASSURED by POSTNET that it will be delivered at the destination the following day (Friday) after 1... read more

#3,221 rating: 1/5