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Address: Shop 7, Rosmead Retail Centre, C/O rosmead &
Phone: 021 204 4679
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      Vape Mob Kenilworth

9 months ago by Shahir Boer

Worst customer service experience I'v had from the vape team, specifically the Kenilworth branch. I purchased an Ijust S2 that was faulty after just 2weeks of usage, and after taking it back on the 6th day one day before my 7 day return policy ends the salesman said my coil was the issue and only replaced the coil refusing to replace the full device form me (within my return policy rights). the device had leaking issues from the day of purchase up until now iv had the device now for a full 21 days and made minimal use of it. after 2 weeks the divice would not fire up anymore unless i disconnect the atomizer from the batter slightly and besides this it still continued to leak. after posting on the Facebook page of vape mob and sending them an email to the support team, who took 3 days to get back to me they advised me that the matter will need to be investigated as the store reported that the device was in working order. I responded to the by saying that Im not sure what needs to be investigated as Im just unhappy with the device and the service i got from the store the support adviser then called me to discuss the matter in detail his name is Michael who was very apologetic and friendly on the call and even emailed me saying "As we consider this an extremely serious complaint, I need to make sure that I have everything correct so that when I offer you a solution it is one that makes you happy and keeps you happy. This is not only a case of arranging the exchange for you, but also being to identify the staff and address the issues you have raised in regards to the lack of professionalism you experienced from the staff in store" i was happy with what he said and genuinely believed they would do what they can to make me happy he mentioned that they would replace the device form me and compensate me with some complementary bottles of liquid and he would send me a few links of some options i should take a look at. he sent me the links none that i was happy with except for one but meant i would need to purchase additional items something i was not happy with as I've been going through this process for 3 weeks now spending money on the device and on fluids that i did not get the full benefit of as the device leaks and give a very bad pull because i need to remove the atomizer from the battery slightly, Michael then said he will not be able to give me the package I want without any additional purchases and if im not satisfied with the outcome he can transfer me to his Operational manager Josh. I was happy to discuss the matter with Josh who I once again explained the full story to what I've gone through and the service i received in store he acknoledged what I said and then repeated the story Michale told me. "Im sorry but if you not happy with the options you will need to take a full refund" not taking into consideration that this query alone has taken a full week to receive any sort of feedback regarding the matter and after venting my frustrations to him he then said that he would personally like to take a look at the device to determine the outcome and see what the issues is and how they can help me he asked me when i would be avalible to make my way the store in Rosmead and he will personally look into the matter for me and gave me some reassurance the date and time was for today 14/10/2016 at 14:30 I arrived early and only saw one salesman in store and made my way in store at 15:00 only to find that Josh the Operations manager who had given me reassurance that he will personally look into this mater for me was not at the store, I don't even find this surprising right now as the customer service from that store has been so bad even the Ops manager is keeping up consistency of bad service with this store. I then began to explain my case to the salesman in store who looked at the device for me and agreed that its faulty and is no longer working, I asked him if Josh ( Ops Manager) of Micheal (support team) had given him an update of my situation and what they had agreed to and offered me hes response was no. i told him what they had offered me with regards to a replacement and some complementary liquids he said all I am able to do is replace the device and fill up your tank, I then told him not to bother with the refund or the replacement as I've just been disgusted with the service and lack of urgency shown by the vape mob team to treating this complaint as serious even though I was given assurance by Michale (support staff) and Josh ( Ops manager) that this matter will be dealt with I honestly don't think customer service and experience is something they take seriously as some effort would have been made from Josh (Ops Manager) side to advise me he will not make it for our appointment, I asked the salesmane instore why josh was not present he said that josh called him to give him an update of my situation i asked for a number to call him on and the salesman gave me the incorrect number I then had to search my call history to find the correct number and it was engaged salesman in store then said he apologies on Josh ( Ops Manager) be-halve but only after myself and my wife had voiced our frustrations he then said that Josh (ops manager) had a family emergency that's why he did not make it. I Just think that if you in a senior position such as an Ops manager you would have the decency to call the person yourself who you had an appointment with to advise them you cant make it, this just shows the unprofessionalism from Vape mob staff from the salesman to the ops manager. Now I'm currently still stuck with a device that does not work and i was offered a device that did not have that great reviews also I want to add that when i purchased the device in store i was told the cost price is R750 but once i got home and checked my online receipt it came to R799 even though is only a R49 difference I think i should have already read the signs that theses guys are only out for the sale and for themselves I would not advise anyone to use the stores of vape mob only on the basis of bad service never mind everything else i went through purchasing x2 30ML and x510 ML in 2 weeks that' continuously leaking. Very upset with Vape Mob and the sad thing is your bad service has painted a brush for me on all your stores and appose to me promoting your store and products its no the inverse due to your service.

#2,201 rating: 1/5

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